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The registered office of the Association is located in Luxembourg, 12 Rue Erasme 1468 Luxembourg.

“The Association is organised into committees and working groups which deal with specific aspects of the Association’s interests.”


The General Assembly is convened by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may convene the General Assembly when one-third of the full members so request. The Annual General Assembly shall meet within six months of the close of the fiscal year on the date fixed by the Board of Directors. The General Assembly shall be chaired by the President of the Association or, in his absence, by the Vice-President or, in his absence, by the Secretary General.

General Assembly:

  • appoints or, if necessary, dismisses the directors,
  • Approves the annual accounts,
  • Approves the annual budget,
  • Approves annual contributions,
  • Adopts the by-laws and approves any proposed amendments,
  • Admits or excludes members, under the conditions stipulated in the present statutes,
  • Adopts the Association’s by-laws as proposed by the Board of Directors,
  • Decides on all matters referred to it by the Board of Directors,
  • Deliberates on the dissolution of the Association,
  • Decides on any other major matter having an impact on the Association and its members.

Full members each have one vote. Any Full Member who is unable to attend a vote may be represented by another duly authorized Full Member. Two legal entities of the same organization or banking group have only one voting right and pay only one annual contribution depending on its status (full or associated). Subject to legal provisions or these statutes of the Association, all decisions are taken by a two-thirds majority of the votes present or represented. Associate members cannot vote.


CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Fabrice Todeschini
Fabrice is Group head of Structured Solutions at Quintet Europe S.A (ex KBL Luxemburg). He leads a small team focused on the delivery of structured products to private and institutional clients across 6 countries; He joined this pan-European bank specializing in wealth management in 1999 – initially serving as senior trader in equity and equity derivatives- from some Luxembourg banks, where he served as dealer, sales and trader always in dealing rooms.

Fabien has been working on derivatives and structured solutions since 2003 and is now heading the structured product team in Intesa Sanpaolo Wealth Management S.A. Before joining Intesa Sanpaolo Wealth Management S.A. in 2013, he has been a major contributor in the development and promotion of many innovations for the Société Générale Private Banking network, on both derivatives and structured products. He has always been working to strengthen the knowledge of structured products for the interested public and to create a secured framework which ensure the products act in the best interest of the investors.

TREASURER: Sven Conter
Sven is Team Manager within the Financial markets Business Unit at Spuerkeess. He started his career within Luxembourg’s banking sector in 2010. Sven has a background in applied mathematics and since 2018 he is a regular instructor at the House of Training in Luxembourg.

SECRETARY: Nicholas Soerensen
Nicholas joined Deutsche Bank’s Wealth Management division in 2007 as a Structured Products Advisor and Trader. He is a passionate proponent of the Structured Products industry and the value added of this type of financial instrument in investor portfolios, where suitable. He has enjoyed promoting the value added of Structured Products as a regular speaker at industry conferences across Europe for over a decade. Nicholas has been working for Deutsche Bank in Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Vienna and New York City. He holds two Master’s degrees and speaks four languages.

Pierre has joined Banque de Luxembourg in 2003 to set up a structured products desk, after having passed most of his banking career in the trading rooms of some Luxembourg Banks. In 1998 he had the first opportunity to come across structured products at Banque Générale du Luxembourg. Since this time the world of structured products has always be of a lot of fascination to him. In 2006 Pierre became a trainer for IFBL and ATTF, now part of the ‘House of Training’.


The Association is organized with committees and working groups that deal with specific aspects of the Association Work. The Board of Directors may decide to involve non-member organizations and other individuals in the work of committees.

As of today, two working groups are active:

  1. Training (lien vers page spécifique à créer)
    Leader : Pierre Stoll (photo à ajouter, lien vers un CV résumé)
  2. Statistics  (lien vers page spécifique à créer)
    Leader : Nicholas Soerensen (photo à ajouter, lien vers un CV résumé)
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